Richard Hyman

In the LRB Archive:

  • Richard Hyman takes part in the post-mortem on the miners’ strike · 6 June 1985

    • Digging Deeper: Issues in the Miners’ Strike edited by Huw Beynon
    • Policing the Miners’ Strike edited by Bob Fine and Robert Millar
    • The Strike: An Insider’s Story by Roy Ottey
    • Scargill and the Miners by Michael Crick
    • The Great Strike: The Miners’ Strike of 1984-5 and its Lessons by Alex Callinicos and Mike Simons
  • Desperate Responses · 5 April 1984

    • Industry, Unions and Government: Twenty-One Years of NEDC by Keith Middlemas
    • Strikes in Post-War Britain: A Study of Stoppages of Work Due to Industrial Disputes, 1946-73 by J.W. Durcan, W.E.J. McCarthy and G.P. Redman
    • Picketing: Industrial Disputes, Tactics and the Law by Peggy Kahn, Norman Lewis, Rowland Livock and Paul Wiles

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