Selected Bibliography

Mary Warnock

In the LRB Archive:

  • Back home · 1 September 1983

    • Cohabitation without Marriage by Michael Freeman and Christina Lyon
    • A Prison of Expectations: The Family in Victorian Culture by Steven Mintz
    • What is to be done about the family? edited by Lynne Segal
    • ‘Autistic’ Children: New Hope for a Cure by N. Tinbergen and E.A. Tinbergen
    • Thicker than water?: Adoption: Its Loyalties, Pitfalls and Joys by Alice Heim
    • The Artificial Family: A Consideration of Artificial Insemination by Donor by R. Snowden and G.D. Mitchell
  • Sideburns · 7 February 1980

    • Charles, Prince of Wales by Anthony Holden

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