Martin Pugh

In the LRB Archive:

  • Grantham Factor · 2 March 1989

    • Rotten Borough by Oliver Anderson
  • Draining the Think Tank · 24 November 1988

    • British Social Trends since 1900: A Guide to the Changing Social Structure of Britain edited by A.H. Halsey
    • Inside the Think Tank: Advising the Cabinet 1971-1983 by Tessa Blackstone and William Plowden
    • Lobbying: An Insider’s Guide to the Parliamentary Process by Alf Dubs
  • Martin Pugh on the popularity of the welfare state · 4 February 1988

    • British Social Attitudes: The 1987 Report edited by Roger Jowell, Sharon Witherspoon and Lindsay Brock
    • Educational Opportunity and Social Change in England by Michael Sanderson
    • Wealth and Inequality in Britain by W.D. Rubinstein
    • A Property-Owning Democracy?: Housing in Britain by M.J. Daunton
    • The Government of Space: Town Planning in Modern Society by Alison Ravetz
  • Would a hung Parliament have made any difference? · 21 July 1983

    • Governing without a Majority by David Butler
    • Multi-Party Politics and the Constitution by Vernon Bogdanor
    • Decade of Dealignment by Bo Särlvik, Ivor Crewe, Neil Day and Robert MacDermid
  • Long March · 2 June 1983

    • Renewal: Labour’s Britain in the 1980s by Shadow Cabinet, edited by Gerald Kaufman
    • Socialism in a Cold Climate edited by John Griffith
    • Liberal Party Politics edited by Vernon Bogdanor

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