John Hedley Brooke

In the LRB Archive:

  • Among the Sandemanians · 25 July 1991

    • Michael Faraday: Sandemanian and Scientist by Geoffrey Cantor
  • Photo-Finish · 23 May 1985

    • Just Before the Origin: Alfred Russel Wallace’s Theory of Evolution by John Langdon Brooks
    • China and Charles Darwin by James Reeve Pusey
  • Small Items with Big Implications · 1 December 1983

    • Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes: Further Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould
    • The Great Chain of History: William Buckland and the English School of Geology, 1814-1849 by Nicolaas Rupke
  • Middle Positions · 21 July 1983

    • Archetypes and Ancestors: Palaeontology in Victorian London 1850-1875 by Adrian Desmond
    • Evolution without Evidence: Charles Darwin and ‘The Origin Species’ by Barry Gale
    • The Secular Ark: Studies in the History of Biogeography by Janet Browne
    • The Descent of Darwin: A Handbook of Doubts about Darwinsm by Brain Leith

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