James McConica

In the LRB Archive:

  • What mattered to Erasmus · 2 March 1989

    • Erasmus’s Annotations on the New Testament. The Gospels: Facsimile of the final Latin text with all earlier variants edited by Anne Reeve
    • Erasmus’s Annotations on the New Testament: From Philologist to Theologian by Erika Rummel
    • A New Rabelais Bibliography: Editions of Rabelais before 1626 by Stephen Rawles and M.A. Screech
    • The Library of Robert Burton by Nicholas Kiessling
  • Tyrannicide · 21 January 1982

    • Buchanan by I.D. McFarlane
  • A Foolish Christ · 20 November 1980

    • Ecstasy and the Praise of Folly by M.A. Screech

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