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    • Donald Smith on McMaster of War: At intelligence school at Fort Holabird an instructor put a film-strip on the screen showing a fella walking down the street seeing a sign asking: wh...
    • Camus on Another Housing Privatisation Disaster: There is a German offshoot called Deutsche Addington but I have not been interested enough to find out more until now. They have have been buying up p...
    • Charles Lambert on Fischia il vento: I live in Fondi, a smallish town halfway between Rome and Naples. Dickens called it the first Neapolitan town, which would place it safely in what Sal...
    • Rhotel41 on McMaster of War: Dave, you are learning about the depleted uranium penetrator, but still have it a bit wrong. The 120mm main gun rounds for the Abrams Tank are not ti...
    • Joe Morison on McMaster of War: I remember the 80s drama Threads which was about the what would happen if a bomb was dropped in Sheffield. It showed the effects at various distances...

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