Francisco Garcia

25 April 2023


On the afternoon of 12 April a prisoner climbed onto the roof of Strangeways in Manchester. Joe Outlaw, aka Chris Attiller Hordosi, has been incarcerated in a series of high security jails across the UK since being convicted for robbery and served with an indeterminate sentence in 2011. The 36-year-old surrendered to the prison authorities twelve hours later, having painted his message on the roof in large white letters: ‘FREE IPPZ.’ Imprisonment for public protection (IPP) sentences were introduced in the mid-2000s by David Blunkett, at the peak of New Labour’s ‘tough on crime’ posturing. They were, in theory, only to be used in exceptional cases.

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5 April 2023

Where a Gallows Once Stood

An exhibition on public executions has to maintain a delicate balance: leaning too gleefully into the gore would be in bad taste, but it would also be a mistake to sanitise it. 

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