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In Dreams

Twin Peaks UK

Reacher v. Parker

At the Movies

A £962,500 Fart in the Corduroys

The Beginner, the Doofus, the Aspirant

George Saunders

Catty Sideswipes of the Master Pianists

Mid Sussex Confidential

Wapping Confidential

Yo! Douche bag!

I Write like Dan Brown

writes like Dan Brown

Three Scenes

Ghostly Images

Worstward Ho

Nick Clegg's Texts for Nothing


The Counterjihadists

In the Guest Bedroom

I Was a Teenage Auster Fanatic

Tenuously Reformed Pervert

James Ellroy's Bad Habits

Resoundingly Unhip

Childhood Sci Fi

Then Daddy Came Home

on 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'

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    • whisperit on When More Means Less: This has been the main impetus behind changes in mental health provision for some time. In my last job as a mental health nurse, I began by visiting i...
    • David Sharp on Don’t pretend you can’t see us: A good article. The gilets jaunes "have given me back my pride in being French," said the historian-sociologist Emmanuel Todd during an excellent t...
    • kirkmc on Don’t pretend you can’t see us: It's important to understand the context of diesel cars in France. For decades, the French government promoted their use, through much lower taxes on ...
    • Andrew McGettigan on Carlsen’s Fortress: To provide a little more detail for the diagram. The position is taken before White's 67th move. 67 Bd5-c4 would keep the black knight from e2 (and fr...
    • Graucho on Out of Stock: From the late sixties onwards I have witnessed the effects of cannabis smoking on any number of friends, acquaintances and loved ones. At best I have ...

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