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More Summer Reads from the Archive

Summer Reads from the LRB

‘It is probably best not to take advice direct and unfiltered from the animal kingdom,’ wrote Katherine Rundell in a recent issue (so recent that we felt, with some regret, that it shouldn’t be included here) – ‘but lemurs may be an exception.’ And so may rats, dogs, snakes, primates, wolves, sheep, pigs, cows, crows, ravens, double-crested cormorants, salmon, sharks and octopuses be exceptions, according to the contributors to our second ever, app-only, special edition of the LRB. Many more creatures might have made the cut. Brushing against Rundell’s lemurs in our 5 July 2018 issue were an essay about the age of the horse and a diary about the cahow, one of the rarest birds in the world. We’re publishing more animal pieces than ever, and in recognition of that fact – and to fill our traditional four-week summer break between issues, and to reward the beneficiaries of our sale of two cities (with The Paris Review) with something to read, right away, and to highlight our latest rollout of app improvements – we’ve collected fifteen of the best from our archive. The updated interface of our app makes it perfect for poolside reading while you’re away and depressing commutes once you’re back. And if this is your first time using our app, we’d encourage you to try reading new issues of the paper on there too. It’s the best way of ensuring you’ll never be without your copy of the LRB.


AT HOME ... including Wendy Doniger on bestiality
IN THE WILD ... including Alison Jolly on primate communities
ON THE FARM ... including James Buchan on his hogs
IN THE AIR ... including Rebecca Solnit on crows and ravens
UNDERWATER ... including Amia Srinivasan on octopus consciousness

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