Nuts about the Occult

Richard J. Evans

  • Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich by Eric Kurlander
    Yale, 422 pp, £12.99, May 2018, ISBN 978 0 300 23454 1

A couple of years ago, a Russian television channel asked if they could interview me for a programme they were making about Hitler. I get these requests every so often, and agreed in the usual hope that I would be able to pour some cold water on whatever outlandish theories they came up with. On previous occasions I have been confronted with claims that the entire German population was drugged up to the eyeballs for the duration of the Third Reich, thus making life bearable; that Hitler escaped the bunker and went to live in Argentina with Eva Braun (and in some versions, Blondi the dog); that Unity Mitford gave birth to Hitler’s child early in the war; that 2014 was going to be, like 1914, a year in which world war broke out; and so on.

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[*] Christopher Clark wrote about Himmler in the LRB of 11 October 2012.