La Perestroika

Harold Perkin

  • The Second Socialist Revolution: An Alternative Soviet Strategy by Tatyana Zaslavskaya, translated by Susan Davies
    Tauris, 241 pp, £19.95, February 1990, ISBN 1 85043 151 5

Although she is too modest to say so directly, Tatyana Zaslavskaya is the woman who invented perestroika. ‘By an irony of fate,’ she writes, ‘I became a “supporter of restructuring” several years before the word “perestroika” was uttered for the first time, and I shared Gorbachev’s views long before he became General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and made his political programme public.’ She was one of the small group of intellectuals whose critique of the Soviet economy convinced Gorbachev that there was no alternative to restructuring it.

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