LRB Cover



  • Damian Grant
    Stalker & Co

  • Letters
    Eric Dunning, Jon Halliday, Craig Raine, Simon Pettifar, Richard Perceval Graves, Kirsten Fischer Lindahl

  • Jose Harris

    • Marriage and Morals among the Victorians, and Other Essays by Gertrude Himmelfarb
  • Paul Foot

    • Memoirs 1916-1964: The Making of a Prime Minister by Harold Wilson
  • Frank Kermode

    • The Royal Beasts by William Empson
    • Essays on Shakespeare by William Empson
  • Alison Brackenbury
    Poem: ‘Grace’

  • Blake Morrison

    • Acrimony by Michael Hofmann
    • Idols by Stephen Romer
    • Opia by Alan Moore
    • New Chatto Poets edited by Andrew Motion
    • A.D. Hope: Selected Poems edited by Ruth Morse
    • The Electrification of the Soviet Union by Craig Raine
  • D.A.N. Jones writes about David Robert Jones

    • Bowie by Jerry Hopkins
    • Alias David Bowie by Peter Gillman and Leni Gillman
  • Patrick Parrinder

    • The Injured Party by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
    • Expensive Habits by Maureen Howard
  • John Sutherland

    • News from Nowhere by David Caute
    • O-Zone by Paul Theroux
    • Ticket to Ride by Dennis Potter
  • Rosalind Mitchison

    • Domesday Economy: A New Approach to Anglo-Norman History by John McDonald and G.D. Snooks
    • Scottish Literacy and the Scottish Identity: Illiteracy and Society in Scotland by R.A. Houston
    • A History of the Highland Clearances. Vol. II: Emigration, Protest, Reasons by Eric Richards
  • Colin Legum

    • With the Contras: A Reporter in the Wilds of Nicaragua by Christopher Dickey
    • Jonas Savimbi: A Key to Africa by Fred Bridgland
  • Malcolm Deas

    • Argentina 1516-1982: From Spanish Colonisation to the Falklands War by David Rock
    • A State of Fear: Memories of Argentina’s Nightmare by Andrew Graham-Yooll
  • Edwin Moise

    • Breakfast with Mao: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent by Alan Winnington
    • Behind the Forbidden Door: Travels in China by Tiziano Terzani
  • Rupert Wilkinson
    Harvard ’61

  • Geoffrey Hawthorn

  • John Brooks

    • Bend’Or, Duke of Westminster: A Personal Memoir by George Ridley
    • Getty: The Richest Man in the World by Robert Lenzner
  • Nicholas Penny

    • Je suis le Cahier: The Sketchbooks of Picasso edited by Arnold Glimcher and Marc Glimcher
    • The Musèe Picasso, Paris: Catalogue of the Collections. Paintings, Papiers Collés, Picture Reliefs, Sculptures, Ceramics by Marie-Laure Besnard-Bernadac, Michéle Richet and Hélène Seckel
    • Degas: The Complete Etchings, Lithographs and Monotypes by Jean Adhémar and Françoise Cachin