LRB Cover
Cover: A.G. Dew Smith



  • John Bayley

    • Tolstoy’s Diaries translated by R.F. Christian
    • The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy translated by Cathy Porter
  • Letters
    C.K. Stead, John Lucas, D.H. Schwartz

  • Frank Kermode

    • Collected Poems 1928-1985 by Stephen Spender
    • A Version of the Oedipus Trilogy of Sophocles by Stephen Spender
    • Journals 1939-1983 by Stephen Spender, edited by John Goldsmith
  • Tam Dalyell

    • An Eton Schoolboy’s Album by Mark Dixon
  • Noël Annan

    • Leaves from a Victorian Diary by Edward Leeves and John Sparrow
  • Ian Hamilton

    • The Diaries of Auberon Waugh: A Turbulent Decade 1976-1985 edited by Anna Galli-Pahlavi
  • Craig Raine
    Poem: ‘For Hans Keller’

  • Hugh Haughton

    • The Life and Work of Thomas Hardy by Thomas Hardy, edited by Michael Millgate
    • The Literary Notebooks of Thomas Hardy: Vols I and II edited by Lennart Björk
    • Emma Hardy’s Diaries edited by Richard Taylor
    • The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy. Vol. V: 1914-1919 edited by Richard Little Purdy and Michael Millgate
    • The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Hardy: Vol. III edited by Samuel Hynes
    • Annals of the Labouring Poor: Social Change and Agrarian England 1660-1900 by K.D.M. Snell
    • Thomas Hardy edited by Samuel Hynes
  • Blake Morrison

    • No Mate for the Magpie by Frances Molloy
    • The Mysteries by Tony Harrison
    • Ukulele Music by Peter Reading
    • Hard Lines 2 edited by Ian Dury, Pete Townshend, Alan Bleasdale and Fanny Dubes
    • No Holds Barred: The Raving Beauties choose new poems by women edited by Anna Carteret, Fanny Viner and Sue Jones-Davies
    • Katerina Brac by Christopher Reid
    • Skevington’s Daughter by Oliver Reynolds
    • Rhondda Tenpenn’orth by Oliver Reynolds
    • Trio 4 by Andrew Elliott, Leon McAuley and Ciaran O’Driscoll
    • Mama Dot by Fred D’Aguiar
    • The Dread Affair: Collected Poems by Benjamin Zephaniah
    • Long Road to Nowhere by Amryl Johnson
    • Mangoes and Bullets by John Agard
    • Ragtime in Unfamiliar Bars by Ron Butlin
    • True Confessions and New Clichés by Liz Lochhead
    • Works in the Inglis Tongue by Peter Davidson
    • Wild Places: Poems in Three Leids by William Neill
  • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

    • Lost Children: The Story of Adopted Children Searching for their Mothers by Polly Toynbee
  • Angela Carter on the latest thing

    • Adorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity by Elizabeth Wilson
  • Peter Campbell

  • N.V. Rampant
    Poem: ‘Symptoms of Self-Regard’

  • Alan Brien

    • Orson Welles by Barbara Leaming
    • The Making of ‘Citizen Kane’ by Robert Carringer
    • Spike Milligan by Pauline Scudamore
    • Nancy Mitford by Selina Hastings
    • Rebel: The Short Life of Esmond Romilly by Kevin Ingram
    • The Mitford Family Album by Sophia Murphy
  • Robert Morley

    • Blessings in Disguise by Alec Guinness
  • Patrick Parrinder

    • Life goes on by Alan Sillitoe
    • Men and Angels by Mary Gordon
    • Heavenly Deception by Maggie Brooks
    • Love Always by Ann Beattie
  • Patricia Craig

    • Black Venus by Angela Carter
    • Come unto these yellow sands by Angela Carter
    • Mainland by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
    • The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler
    • Arrows of Longing by Virginia Moriconi
  • Alan Bennett

  • T.D. Armstrong

    • To the Is-Land: An Autobiography by Janet Frame
    • An Angel at My Table. An Autobiography: Vol. II by Janet Frame
    • The Envoy from Mirror City. An Autobiography: Vol. III by Janet Frame
    • You are now entering the human heart by Janet Frame
    • Conversation in a Train by Frank Sargeson