Modern Prejudice

M.I. Finley

  • Blood for the Ghosts: Classical Influences in the 19th and 20th Centuries by Hugh Lloyd-Jones
    Duckworth, 312 pp, £24.00, May 1982, ISBN 0 7156 1500 9
  • Classical Survivals: The Classics in the Modern World by Hugh Lloyd-Jones
    Duckworth, 184 pp, £18.00, May 1982, ISBN 0 7156 1517 3
  • History of Classical Scholarship by U. von Wilamowitz-Moellendorf, edited by Hugh Lloyd-Jones, translated by Alan Harris
    Duckworth, 189 pp, £18.00, February 1982, ISBN 0 7156 0976 9

Of the 53 short essays, book reviews, lectures and obituaries assembled in Hugh Lloyd-Jones’s two volumes, two were published in the year before he assumed the Regius Professorship of Greek in the University of Oxford, one was his Inaugural Lecture of 1960, and the remainder were written subsequently. I say this not as a prelude to yet another bad joke about ‘the other place’ but because it is impossible to appreciate the two volumes without some understanding of the course of Classical studies in 20th-century Britain and of the author’s role in them.

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