LRB Cover
Volume 38 Number 13
30 June 2016

LRB blog 28 June 2016

David Runciman
Slow Motion Disintegration

28 June 2016

Neda Neynska
Put-upon at the Ritz

27 June 2016

Sadakat Kadri


30 August 2012

David Conn
Follow the Money

18 July 2013

Jonathan Coe
Giggling along with Boris

16 June 2016

James Meek
Farms and Farmers

In the next issue, which will be dated 14 July, Tim Parks on a Life of Dante, Thomas Meaney on Perry Anderson’s America and Bee Wilson on Jonathan Meades.

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Andrew O’Hagan

The Satoshi Affair

Craig Wright seemed to get more and more frustrated. He both wanted fame and repudiated it, craving the recognition he felt was his due while claiming his only wish was to get back to his desk. ‘I have people love my secret identity and hate me,’ he wrote on 23 October 2011. ‘I have hundreds of papers. Satoshi has one. Nothing, just one bloody paper and I cannot associate myself with ME!’ More

Owen Hatherley

One Click at a Time

In the end postcapitalism, like postmodernism, is the name of an absence, not a positive programme. Like the anticapitalism of the early 2000s, it tells you what it’s not: in this case, the old left, folk politics, social democracy or Stalinism, with their hierarchies and lack of cool free stuff. Postcapitalism, like precapitalism, could be feudalism or slavery or some Threads-like nightmare of devastated cities and radioactive nomads. It tells you that the forces of production make something possible, then suggests either that you demand it, or that you’re already doing it. More

Iain Sinclair


I became aware that most of my fellow passengers, waiting for the DLR connection at Shadwell, were mutants. They looked like regular Docklands folk – neat, shiny shoes, considered hair – but there was always one element out of place. The girl in the pristine white coat had sprouted a pair of crow’s wings. The programmer with the burnt-out red eyes was carrying an expensive leather satchel and a plastic light sabre. Morning-after party girls with rescued maquillage had spiders’ webs across their faces and horns spouting from freshly airfixed heads. More

Short Cuts
Ben Ehrenreich

At the Grand Palais
Jeremy Harding


VIDEO Let Them Drown

Naomi Klein

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James Meek on the decline of fishing in Britain. Watch »

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