LRB Winter Lectures 2014

You can now read, and listen to, each of the talks in our successful 2014 Winter Lecture series.

James Wood

On Not Going Home

James Wood explores the estrangement of voluntary emigration: the puzzling sense of losing the country you leave and failing to find another. Homelessness, in a word.

James Wood is Professor of the Practice of Literary Criticism at Harvard. His books include four collections of critical essays, of which the latest is The Fun Stuff, and a novel, The Book against God.

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Mary Beard

The Public Voice of Women

Mary Beard reflects on the way women are heard – and have been heard – in public, from Homer’s Odyssey through Margaret Thatcher to internet trolls. How gendered is public speech? What threatens to undermine the authority of womens’ voices?

Mary Beard is a fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge and a professor of classics. Her books include The Parthenon, The Colosseum and Pompeii, which won the Wolfson History Prize.

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Andrew O’Hagan

Julian Assange

Andrew O’Hagan spent six months with Julian Assange helping him write his autobiography, though in the event Assange didn’t want the book published. O’Hagan speaks about those six months for the first time.

Andrew O’Hagan is professor of writing at King’s College London. He is the author of The Missing and four novels. The Illuminations will be published in the spring.

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