How would Richelieu and Mazarin have coped?

R.W. Johnson

  • The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens
    Verso, 159 pp, £15.00, May 2001, ISBN 1 85984 631 9

In this short book, Christopher Hitchens sets down the main charges against Kissinger: murder, violation of human rights and complicity in mass atrocities on a scale equalled only by Eichmann, Heydrich and the like. As Hitchens admits, he isn’t the first: Joseph Heller in Good as Gold was as blunt about it all as it was possible to be. Anyone who has studied the 1968-76 period has long been aware that Kissinger could be a very rough customer indeed, and that his role in government gave him unparalleled opportunities for global realpolitik.

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