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    • James Alexander on Slow Motion Disintegration: Maybe compare the PLP trashing of Corbyn to footie followers trashing of Hodgson? Equally sad.
    • CasaCaliente on Slow Motion Disintegration: Presumably the England team and supporters now feel they weren't properly informed about the consequences of letting in goals.
    • ianbrowne on Historic Failure: Indeed it is taken as given that Britain is on its way out of Europe, although it has had, in Bernard Ingham's phrase, a "semi-detached" status since ...
    • jiro harumi on Historic Failure: Am I wrong, watching the mess from outside of not just Britain but also Europe, to accuse Cameron about calling the referendum not just because the su...
    • Graucho on Historic Failure: There were always two conflicting and irreconcilable lines of argument in this debate. The financial one. Stay in the cartel, enjoy the fruits of the ...

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