Posts by John Lanchester

Unfair and Unclear

The Coming Constitutional Muddle

End of the World

The Last Debate


Brown and the 'bigoted woman'

‘Essentially a Criminal Enterprise’


Goldman Sachs FC

The Chewing Gum Election

Esprit de l'escalier

New, Shiny, Control Freak

buys an iPad

Neck and Neck and Neck

Shampoo in the Eyes

The Second Debate


The Lib Dems and the Press

How to Break the System

What if the Lib Dems win?

Bonds, BNP, Bets

Faites vos jeux

What the Punters Say

Baggins for Farage

If Hobbits Could Vote


The SEC v. Goldman Sachs


The Leaders' Debate

North Korean Flavour

The Tory Manifesto

A Very Conspicuous Relic

The Tories in Battersea

Government by Hogwarts

Labour's Manifesto

Blunt Little Tool

Parcelling Up the Electorate



First-Class Leadership?

Party Leaders' Degrees

Smell the Glove

Ashcroft's Diagnosis

Not Too Late

Postal Votes


Tory Social Attitudes

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