The Bus Barn at Night

August Kleinzahler

Motion is not a condition
but a desire
to be outside of one’s self
and all desire must be swept away
so saith fatso Gautama
under the shade of some shrub
in the Deer Park
in some grove
some municipal greensward
chewing a leaf
that has left him stoned
as a stone
mouthing this sententious drivel
some errand-boy
some rich man’s son
dutifully sets down
on a dusty tablet
ignoring the insects and snakes
After midnight
under the arc-lights
like a giant sound stage
the abandoned set
of an action spectacular
Mrs Kiniski’s team
goes bus to bus
hoovering candy-wrappers
and then with their scrapers
attending to the grease
and impacted filth
and gum
as Rudolfo sluices away
in the south-east corner
and the boss, with a sigh
comes to the end
of Hermann Hesse’s Siddartha
Phalanx upon phalanx
of impassive Buddha-wagons
silver hulls and red trim
Fleet of the Three Jewels
the Attainment & Perfection
City Transit Corp.
hosed down, lubricated and tuned
in the Eternity Shop
the Cave of Illumination and Fumes