LRB Cover
Cover: Peter Campbell



  • John Bayley

    • D-Day: Those Who Were There by Juliet Gardiner
    • D-Day 1944: Voices from Normandy by Robin Neillands and Roderick De Normann
    • Battle Tactics of the Western Front: The British Army’s Art of Attack by Paddy Griffiths
    • The D-Day Encyclopedia edited by David Chandler and James Lawton Collins
    • D-Day 1944 edited by Theodore Wilson
    • Decision in Normandy by Carlo d’Este
  • Letters
    Boris Ford, John McMurtry, Graham Martin, Harry Kemp, Charles Enquist, Susan Wheeler

  • Helen Vendler

    • The Oxford Companion to 20th-Century Poetry in English edited by Ian Hamilton
  • Colm Tóibín

    • Profane Friendship by Harold Brodkey
  • Andrew O’Hagan

    • How late it was, how late by James Kelman
  • Penelope Fitzgerald

    • The Moment between the Past and the Future by Grigorij Baklanov, translated by Catherine Porter
    • The Soul of a Patriot by Evgeny Popov, translated by Robert Porter
  • T.J. Binyon

    • Strolls with Pushkin by Abram Tertz, translated by Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy and Slava Yastremski
  • Geoffrey Hawthorn

    • The Endangered American Dream: How to Stop the United States from Becoming a Third World Country and Win the Geo-Economic Struggle for Industrial Supremacy by Edward Luttwak
    • Japan’s Capitalism: Creative Defeat and Beyond by Shigeto Tsuru
  • Kit McMahon

    • The Death of Economics by Paul Ormerod
  • Michael Wood

    • The Conquest of Mexico by Hugh Thomas
    • The Conquest of Mexico by Serge Gruzinski, translated by Eileen Corrigan
  • Ed Regis

    • The Beat of a Different Drum: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman by Jagdish Mehra
  • R.O. Gandy

    • Codebreakers: The Inside Story of Bletchley Park edited by F.H. Hinsley and Alan Stripp
  • Alistair Elliot
    Two Poems

  • Lawrence Hogben

  • Ruth Bernard Yeazell

    • The Hunger Artists: Starving, Writing and Imprisonment by Maud Ellmann