LRB Cover
Cover: Arianne Zurcher



  • Martin Amis

    • Iron John: A Book about Men by Robert Bly
    • The way men think: Intellect, Intimacy and the Erotic Imagination by Liam Hudson and Bernadine Jacot
    • Utne Reader. Men, it’s time to pull together: The Politics of Masculinity
  • Letters
    Jasmine Killen, Gillian Slovo, Donald Davie, Michael Shelden, Denis MacShane, Zygmunt Frankel, Brian Stone, Gabriel Austin

  • Michael Howard

    • On Future War by Martin van Creveld
  • Victor Mallet

    • The Samson Option: Israel, America and the Bomb by Seymour Hersh
    • Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the US-Israeli Covert Relationship by Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn
  • Peter Pulzer

    • The Constitution of the United Kingdom
    • A People’s Charter
  • Hugo Young

    • Thatcher’s People by John Ranelagh
    • Staying Power by Peter Walker
  • Ian Gilmour

    • The London Hanged: Crime and Civil Society in the 18th Century by Peter Linebaugh
  • Jose Harris

    • Letters to Eva, 1969-1983 by A.J.P. Taylor, edited by Eva Haraszti Taylor
  • A.D. Nuttall

    • Marvellous Possessions: The Wonder of the New World by Stephen Greenblatt
  • P.N. Furbank

    • D.H. Lawrence: The Early Years 1885-1912 by John Worthen
    • The Letters of D.H. Lawrence. Vol. VI: 1927-28 edited by James Boulton, Margaret Boulton and Gerald Lacy
  • Patricia Beer

    • With and Without Buttons by Mary Butts, edited by Nathalie Blondel
  • Alan Dixon
    Poem: ‘Presentimento’

  • Adrian Mitchell
    Poem: ‘Short back and sides with a blowtorch, please’

  • Frank Kermode

    • Collected Poems by Henry Reed, edited with an introduction by Jon Stallworthy
  • John Sutherland

    • The Gates of Ivory by Margaret Drabble
    • Happily Ever After by Jenny Diski
    • Of Love and Asthma by Ferdinand Mount
  • Jonathan Coe

    • In Black and White by Christopher Stevenson
    • The Tree of Life by Hugh Nissenson
    • Cley by Carey Harrison
  • John Bayley

    • Jump and Other Stories by Nadine Gordimer
    • Wilderness Tips by Margaret Atwood
  • Julian Symons

    • Randall Jarrell: A Literary Life by William Pritchard
    • Randall Jarrell: Selected Poems edited by William Pritchard
  • David Trotter

    • From Puritanism to Postmodernism: A History of American Literature by Richard Ruland and Malcolm Bradbury
  • Rosemary Hill

    • Gertrude Jekyll by Sally Festing
    • People’s Parks by Hazel Conway
    • The History of Garden Design: The Western Tradition from the Renaissance to the Present Day edited by Monique Mosser and Georges Teyssot
  • Karl Miller

  • Nicholas Spice

    • Trial of Strength: Furtwängler and the Third Reich by Fred Prieberg, translated by Christopher Dolan
    • Menuhin: A Family Portrait by Tony Palmer
  • Michael Shelden

    • Bachelors of Art: Edward Perry Warren and the Lewes House Brotherhood by David Sox