Julian Symons

  • By Grand Central Station I sat down and wept by Elizabeth Smart
    Paladin, 112 pp, £3.99, January 1991, ISBN 0 586 09039 8
  • The Assumption of the Rogues and Rascals by Elizabeth Smart
    Paladin, 112 pp, £3.99, January 1991, ISBN 0 586 09040 1
  • Necessary Secrets: The Journals of Elizabeth Smart edited by Alice Van Wart
    Grafton, 305 pp, £14.99, January 1991, ISBN 0 246 13653 7

What a marvellous title, I said to friends when By Grand Central Station was published in 1945. Better not read the book, it can’t possibly live up to the title. Sure enough, On First Looking into Grand Central Station after nearly half a century’s abstention, that unserious assertion turns out to be dismayingly justified.

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