After the Woolwich

Frank Kermode

  • Spanner and Pen: Post-War Memoirs by Roy Fuller
    Sinclair-Stevenson, 190 pp, £16.95, February 1991, ISBN 1 85619 040 4

Seven years ago Roy Fuller published the third volume of his memoirs, which covered his life up to the end of the war. Reviewing it in this journal, I lamented his decision to stop there and called for a continuation, ‘all about the Woolwich, the Arts Council, the BBC and Oxford, with incidental observations on the conduct of the young, the remembered follies of youth, the tiresome defects of old age, and so forth’. Mr Fuller, apparently deaf to this plea, merely gestured finality by publishing the three books in a single volume. However, he has relented, and this new book attends to all the requirements listed above.

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