LRB Cover
Cover: Glen Baxter



  • Sherry Turkle

    • Jacques Lacan and Co: A History of Psychoanalysis in France, 1925-1985 by Elisabeth Roudinesco, translated by Jeffrey Mehlman
  • Letters
    Branka Magas, Stephen Greenblatt, Thomas Laqueur, Michael Mason, Richard Wilson, Angus Calder, Damian Grant, Stuart Proffitt

  • Anne Hollander

    • Coco Chanel: A Biography by Axel Madsen
  • Geoffrey Hawthorn

    • Nippon, New Superpower: Japan since 1945 by William Horsley and Roger Buckley
    • United Nations Human Development Report 1990 by Mahbub al Haq
    • Nationalism and International Society by James Mayall
    • The International Relations of Japan edited by Kathleen Newland
  • John Lloyd

    • The KGB: The Inside Story of the Foreign Operations by Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky
    • Inside the KGB: Myth and Reality by Vladimir Kuzichkin
  • Hugo Young

    • Listening for a Midnight Tram: Memoirs by John Junor
  • John Lanchester

    • Stick it up your punter! The Rise and Fall of the ‘Sun’ by Peter Chippindale and Chris Horrie
    • All played out: The True Story of Italia ’90 by Pete Davies
    • Gazza! A Biography by Robin McGibbon
  • Alan Ross
    Poem: ‘G. Lineker’

  • Iain Sinclair

    • Weather by John Farrand
    • Weather Watch by Dick File
    • Climate Change: The IPCC Scientific Assessment edited by J.T. Houghton, G.J. Jenkins and J.J. Ephraums
    • Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews
    • The Stumbling Block, Its Index by B. Catling
  • E.S. Turner

    • The English Spa 1560-1815: A Social History by Phyllis Hembry
    • The Medical History of Waters and Spas edited by Roy Porter
  • Philip Purser

    • The Play of the Eyes by Elias Canetti, translated by Ralph Manheim
    • Yellow Street by Veza Canetti, translated by Ian Mitchell
  • Gabriele Annan

    • The Snows of Yesteryear: Portraits for an Autobiography by Gregor von Rezzori, translated by H.F. Broch de Rothermann
  • Patrick Parrinder

    • Curfew by Jose Donoso, translated by Alfred MacAdam
    • War Fever by J.G. Ballard
    • Great Climate by Michael Wilding
    • Honour Thy Father by Lesley Glaister
  • Ross McKibbin

  • John Bayley

    • The Billiard Table Murders by Glen Baxter
  • James Michie
    Poem: ‘Bath Death’