LRB Cover
Cover: Warren Faidley



  • Colin McGinn

    • The Meaning of Life, and Other Essays by A.J. Ayer
  • Letters
    Geoffrey Minish, J.S. Malikail, Richard Bowring, Xandra Hardie, Ted Honderich, Craig Raine, M.J. Devaney, Michael Taylor, John Moynihan

  • Ian Hamilton

    • Clever Hearts: Desmond and Molly MacCarthy by Hugh Cecil and Mirabel Cecil
  • Ross McKibbin

    • The Alternative: Politics for a Change edited by Ben Pimlott, Anthony Wright and Tony Flower
  • Peter Clarke

    • Ideas and Politics in Modern Britain edited by J.C.D. Clark
    • The Philosopher on Dover Beach by Roger Scruton
  • J. Arch Getty

    • Soviet Disunion: A History of the Nationalities Problem in the USSR by Bohdan Nahaylo and Victor Swoboda
  • Philip Robins

  • F.H. Hinsley

    • Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners of War after World War Two by James Bacque
  • Patrick O’Brian

    • The U-Boat War in the Atlantic 1939-1945 by Günter Hessler and introduced by Andrew Withers
    • Business in Great Waters: The U-Boat Wars, 1916-1945 by John Terraine
  • John Bayley

    • A Wicked Irony: The Rhetoric of Lermontov’s ‘A Hero of Our Time’ by Andrew Barratt and A.D.P. Briggs
    • The Battle for Childhood: Creation of a Russian Myth by Andrew Baruch Wachtel
  • Don Coles
    Poem: ‘Forests of the Medieval World’

  • J.P. Stern

    • Unmodern Observations by Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by Herbert Golder, Gary Brown and William Arrowsmith
    • The Importance of Nietzsche by Erich Heller
  • Patricia Beer
    Poem: ‘Cockcrow’

  • D.A.N. Jones

    • People of the Black Mountains. Vol. II: The Eggs of the Eagle by Raymond Williams
    • In the Blue Light of African Dreams by Paul Watkins
    • Friedrich Harris: Shooting the hero by Philip Purser
    • The Journey Home by Dermot Bolger
    • Evenings at Mongini’s by Russell Lucas
  • Dinah Birch

    • The Sign of Angellica: Women, Writing and Fiction, 1660-1800 by Janet Todd
    • Uneven Developments: The Ideological Work of Gender in Mid-Victorian Britain by Mary Poovey
    • The Woman Question. Society and Literature In Britain and America, 1837-1883: Vols I-III edited by Elizabeth Helsinger, Robin Lauterbach Sheets and William Veeder
    • Sexual Science: The Victorian Construction of Womanhood by Cynthia Eagle Russett
  • John Lanchester

  • Philip Horne

    • Henry James and Edith Wharton: Letters 1900-1915 edited by Lyall Powers