LRB Cover



  • Peter Hall

    • Confessions of a Reluctant Theorist by W.G. Runciman
  • Letters
    Andrew Horn, Graham Martin, George Bernard, David Nokes, Editors, ‘London Review’

  • Christopher Hitchens

    • Not Many Dead: Journal of a Year in Fleet Street by Nicholas Garland
    • A Slight Case of Libel: Meacher v. Trelford and Others by Alan Watkins
  • Andrew Motion
    Three Poems

  • Frank Kermode

    • Ford Madox Ford by Alan Judd
  • Paul Addison

    • 1940: Myth and Reality by Clive Ponting
    • British Intelligence in the Second World War. Vol. IV: Security and Counter-Intelligence by F.H. Hinsley and C.A.G. Simkins
    • Unauthorised Action: Mountbatten and the Dieppe Raid 1942 by Brian Loring Villa
  • Basil Davidson

    • Struggle for the Balkans by Svetozar Vukmanovic, translated by Charles Bartlett
  • Mark Ridley

    • Wonderful Life by Stephen Jay Gould
  • Wendy Steiner

    • The New Women and the Old Men: Love, Sex and the Women Question by Ruth Brandon
  • Mary Beard

    • The Oxford Book of Marriage edited by Helge Rubinstein
    • The Oriental, the Ancient and the Primitive: Systems of Marriage and the Family in the Pre-Industrial Societies of Eurasia by Jack Goody
  • John Ryle

    • Which of Us Two?: The Story of a Love Affair by Colin Spencer
  • Christopher Driver

    • The Ruffian on the Stair: Reflection on Death edited by Rosemary Dinnage
    • Death, Ritual and Bereavement edited by Ralph Houlbrooke
    • In the Face of Death by Peter Noll, translated by Hans Noll
  • John Bayley

    • A.A. Milne: His Life by Ann Thwaite
  • Stephen Wall

    • Death’s Darkest Face by Julian Symons
    • Vendetta by Michael Dibdin
    • Gallowglass by Barbara Vine
  • Akeel Bilgrami

    • A Satanic Affair: Salman Rushdie and the Rage of Islam by Malise Ruthven
  • Julian Symons

    • The Last World by Christoph Ransmayr, translated by John Woods
    • The End of Lieutenant Boruvka by Josef Skvorecky, translated by Paul Wilson
    • The Dwarves of Death by Jonathan Coe
    • Last Loves by Alan Sillitoe
  • Peter Clarke

  • Raymond Fancher

    • Rebel with a Cause by H.J. Eysenck
  • Gabriele Annan

    • McEnroe: Taming the Talent by Richard Evans