LRB Cover



  • Ross McKibbin
    Mrs Thatcher’s Ecstasy

  • Letters
    Paula Backscheider, Malcolm Deas, Brian Quinn Robbins, S.J. Fisher, James Wood

  • W.G. Runciman

    • The Ideologies of Class: Social Relations in Britain 1880-1950 by Ross McKibbin
  • Adam Phillips

    • Black Sun: Depression and Melancholia by Julia Kristeva, translated by Leon Roudiez
    • Surviving trauma: Loss, Literature and Psychoanalysis by David Aberbach
  • Gabriele Annan

    • A Young Girl’s Diary edited by Daniel Gunn and Patrick Guyomard
  • Fiona Pitt-Kethley
    Poem: ‘No Smoking’

  • John Bayley

    • William Gerhardie: A Biography by Dido Davies
    • Memoirs of a Polyglot by William Gerhardie
    • Futility by William Gerhardie
    • God’s Fifth Column: A Biography of the Age 1890-1940 by William Gerhardie, edited by Michael Holroyd and Robert Skidelsky
  • John Sturrock

    • Vladimir Nabokov: Selected Letters 1940-1977 edited by Dmitri Nabokov and Matthew Bruccoli
  • Frank Kermode

    • Where I fell to Earth: A Life in Four Places by Peter Conrad
    • May Week was in June by Clive James
  • Harriet Ritvo

    • The Politics of Evolution: Morphology, Medicine and Reform in Radical London by Adrian Desmond
  • Peter Campbell

    • Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos
    • The Culture of Print edited by Roger Chartier
    • Symbols of Ideal Life by Maren Stange
    • The Lines of My Hand by Robert Frank
  • Mark Ford
    Two Poems

  • Rosalind Mitchison

    • The British Isles: A History of Four Nations by Hugh Kearney
    • Cromartie: Highland Life 1650-1914 by Eric Richards and Monica Clough
    • Jacobitism and the English People, 1688-1788 by Paul Kléber Monod
  • Robert Crawford

    • O Choille gu Bearradh/From Wood to Ridge: Collected Poems in Gaelic and English by Sorley MacLean
  • John Lanchester

    • Chicago Loop by Paul Theroux
    • Lies of Silence by Brian Moore
    • Amongst Women by John McGahern
    • The Condition of Ice by Christopher Burns
  • Jeremy Harding

    • Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix and Post-War Pop by Charles Shaar Murray
    • Autobiography by Miles Davis and Quincy Troupe
  • D.A.N. Jones

    • That was business, this is personal: The Changing Faces of Professional Crime by Duncan Campbell
  • Wendy Steiner
    London Diary

  • Nicholas Canny

    • The Emancipist: Daniel O’Connell, 1830-1847 by Oliver Mac Donagh
  • Christopher Hitchens

    • Against the Grain: An Autobiography by Boris Yeltsin, translated by Michael Glenny