Openly reticent

Jonathan Coe

  • Grand Inquisitor: Memoirs by Robin Day
    Weidenfeld, 296 pp, £14.95, October 1989, ISBN 0 297 79660 7
  • Beginning by Kenneth Branagh
    Chatto, 244 pp, £12.99, September 1989, ISBN 0 7011 3388 0
  • Storm over 4: A Personal Account by Jeremy Isaacs
    Weidenfeld, 215 pp, £14.95, September 1989, ISBN 0 297 79538 4

There comes a time in the lives of most public figures, it seems, when the exhortation of agents and publishers becomes too much to resist and there is nothing for it but to start writing books about themselves. In the case of Robin Day (Sir Robin, I suppose, if one is not to repeat Mrs Thatcher’s famous gaffe) that time has come at the age of 68; in the case of Kenneth Branagh, at the age of 28. Make of that what you will.

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