LRB Cover



  • Allon White
    Too Close to the Bone

  • Letters
    Marjorie Perloff, Douglas Fowler, Mark Roskill, J.B. Trapp

  • Julian Barnes

    • Flaubert: A Biography by Herbert Lottman
  • Frank Kermode

    • A Turn in the South by V.S. Naipaul
    • Allen Tate: A Recollection by Walter Sullivan
    • Self-Consciousness by John Updike
  • V.G. Kiernan

    • Jewish History: Essays in Honour of Chimen Abramsky edited by Ada Rapoport-Albert and Steven Zipperstein
    • A History of Islamic Societies by Ira Lapidus
  • Ian Hacking

    • Representation and Reality by Hilary Putnam
    • Mental Content by Colin McGinn
  • Selima Hill
    Poem: ‘The Hare’

  • Mary Douglas

    • The Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia by Marilyn Strathern
  • David Underdown

    • Village Revolts: Social Protest and Popular Disturbances in England 1509-1640 by Roger Manning
  • Linda Colley

    • The Blackwell Dictionary of Historians edited by John Cannon, R.H.C. Davis, William Doyle and Jack Greene
    • Edward Gibbon, Luminous Historian, 1772-1794 by Patricia Craddock
    • Gibbon: Making History by Roy Porter
    • Macaulay by Owen Dudley Edwards
    • Acton by Hugh Tulloch
  • Nicholas Penny

  • Walter Nash

    • The Book of Evidence by John Banville
    • Carn by Patrick McCabe
    • The Tryst by Michael Dibdin
    • Gerontius by James Hamilton-Paterson