Two Poems

Hugo Williams


Ten, no, five seconds
after coming all
over the place
too soon,

I was lying there
where to put the
line-breaks in.

Creative Writing

Trying to persuade about fifteen
Creative Writing students (Poetry)
to put more images into their work,
I was fiddling in my pocket
with an old contraceptive packet,
put there at the start of the course
and long since forgotten about.

If you don’t mind my saying so
you seem to see everything
from the man’s point of view
exactly like my husband.
What happened to women’s poetry
in the last two thousand years?
What about Sappho?
What about Sharon Olds?

The foil wrapper of the Durex Gossamer,
weakened by hours of friction,
gave way and my fingers found themselves
rubbing together in a mess
of spermicide and vaginal lubricant.