LRB Cover



  • John Ryle

    • And the band played on: Politics, People and the Aids Epidemic by Randy Shilts
    • Crisis: Heterosexual Behaviour in the Age of Aids by William Masters, Virginia Johnson and Robert Kilodny
    • The Forbidden Zone by Michael Lesy
  • Letters
    Cynthia Chase, Geert Lernout, Deepak Lal, Eric Sams, Stanley Wells, David Francis

  • Angela Carter

    • On Birth and Madness by Eric Rhode
  • Roy Porter

    • The Public Health Challenge edited by Stephen Farrow
    • The Truth about the Aids Panic by Michael Fitzpatrick and Don Milligan
    • Dangerous Sexualities: Medico-Moral Politics in England since 1830 by Frank Mort
    • Medicine and Labour: The Politics of a Profession by Steve Watkins
  • Philip Towle

    • Armageddon?: Essays 1983-1987 by Gore Vidal
    • Empire by Gore Vidal
    • The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000 by Paul Kennedy
  • Karl Miller

    • The Monument by T. Behrens
    • The Passion of John Aspinall by Brian Masters
  • P.W. Atkins

    • Medicine, Mind and the Double Brain by Anne Harrington
    • The Multiple Self edited by Jon Elster
    • Memory by Mary Warnock
  • A.J. Ayer

    • A Theory of Determinism: The Mind, Neuroscience and Life-Hopes by Ted Honderich
  • Rosalind Mitchison

    • The Peopling of British North America: An Introduction by Bernard Bailyn
    • Voyagers to the West: Emigration from Britain to America on the Eve of the Revolution by Bernard Bailyn
    • Migration and Society in Early Modern England edited by Peter Clark and David Souden
    • Gypsy-Travellers in 19th-Century Society by David Mayall
  • John Broome

    • On Ethics and Economics by Amartya Sen
    • The Standard of Living by Amartya Sen, edited by Geoffrey Hawthorn
  • Sheldon Rothblatt

    • War and the Image of Germany: British Academics 1914-1918 by Stuart Wallace
  • James Fenton
    Poem: ‘The Milkfish Gatherers’

  • William Doyle

    • Joseph II. Vol. I: In the Shadow of Maria Theresa 1741-1780 by Derek Beales
    • Finance and Government under Maria Theresia 1740-1780 by P.G.M. Dickson
  • David Norbrook

    • Dragons Teeth: Literature in the English Revolution by Michael Wilding
    • Apocalyptic Marvell: The Second Coming in 17th-Century Poetry by Margarita Stocker
    • The Politics of Mirth: Jonson, Herrick, Milton, Marvell, and the Defence of Old Holiday Pastimes by Leah Marcus
    • Milton: A Study in Ideology and Form by Christopher Kendrick
  • John Bayley

  • Dan Jacobson on the story of stories

    • The Short Story: Henry James to Elizabeth Bowen by John Bayley
  • Walter Nash

    • Scandal by Shusaku Endo, translated by Van Gessel
    • Hell Screen, Cogwheels, A Fool’s Life by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
    • Singular Rebellion by Saiichi Maruya, translated by Dennis Keene
  • Paul Barker

  • Phillip Knightley

    • The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln by Bernard Wasserstein