Don Coles

No, he never saw her so, his wife naked
Under her dress in trifling talk
With somebody in that dark garden
Down there – but he thought it.
If he could trade this in
For a sadder thought he would.
Now any pause by day or night
Lights it up inside, her body’s gentle
Tips and declivities
Unshadow the world, he can’t believe
Such bliss escapes anybody.
There must be another day somewhere,
The real day of which the day
This thought first occurred to him
Is the false copy, he tells himself –
When not only didn’t this happen
But the guess at its possibility
Is forbidden. Now all his exciting plans
For love seem gone with her white body
Into a disordered and dark garden,
He feels his life rushing towards
Being alone, and as for the son
They used to say they were going to have,
He won’t be able to carry him
On his shoulders, now, ever,
As he wanted to, will he.