Frederick Seidel

In memory of Jane Canfield

‘The speed of light is not the limit. We
Are free. We glide. Our superluminous
Velocity will take us far. For us,
The superluminous is only the
Beginning of our birth. How born we are.
Compared to how we started. Vast, oh vast.
A lifetime as the measure couldn’t last,
The nearest destinations were too far:
A billion years to reach the one inside
You if you could – who holds you, whom you hold.
You kick the covers off asleep, are cold,
And someone covers you, is all. And glide
Off into space. Is all. Space curved by speed –
We really leave the light behind. But hark.
The infinite beginning in the dark
To sigh the universe out of its seed.
The speck that weighs more than the world. Before
The universe – which has no meaning – was
Before the singularity which does.
Invisible nonzero, and we soar.
We sigh from the beginning, and we soar.
We leave the light behind and soar. And soar.’