LRB Cover



  • Paul Addison

    • On Living in an Old Country by Patrick Wright
    • Religion and Public Doctrine in Modern England. Vol. II: Assaults by Maurice Cowling
  • Letters
    Vera Liebert, Gerard Elfstrom, Peter Gray-Lucas, Craig Raine, Mark Almond, Ian Kendrick, Martin Staniforth, Peter Porter

  • Alan Ryan

    • Whitehall: Tragedy and Farce by Clive Ponting
    • On the Record. Surveillance, Computers and Privacy: The Inside Story by Duncan Campbell and Steve Connor
  • David Trotter

    • Englishness: Politics and Culture 1880-1920 edited by Robert Colls and Philip Dodd
    • The Character Factory: Baden-Powell and the Origins of the Boy Scout Movement by Michael Rosenthal
    • Oxford and Empire: The Last Lost Cause? by Richard Symonds
  • Jon Halliday
    The Strange Death of Mehmet Shehu

  • R.W. Johnson

    • Jacques Doriot: Du Communisme au Fascisme by Jean-Paul Brunet
  • Michael Wood

    • The Grain of the Voice: Interviews 1962-1980 by Roland Barthes, translated by Linda Coverdale
    • Writing Degree Zero and Elements of Semiology by Roland Barthes, translated by Annette Lavers and Colin Smith
    • The Fashion System by Roland Barthes, translated by Matthew Ward and Richard Howard
    • The Responsibility of Forms: Critical Essays on Music, Art and Representation by Roland Barthes, translated by Richard Howard
    • The Rustle of Language by Roland Barthes, translated by Richard Howard
    • A Barthes Reader edited by Susan Sontag
    • Barthes: Selected Writings edited by Susan Sontag
    • Roland Barthes: A Conservative Estimate by Philip Thody
    • Roland Barthes: Structuralism and After by Annette Lavers
    • Barthes by Jonathan Culler
  • Andrew Motion
    Two Poems

  • Paul Foot

    • High, Wide and Handsome. Ian Botham: The Story of a Very Special Year by Frank Keating
  • Stephen Sedley

    • Murder at the Farm: Who killed Carl Bridgewater? by Paul Foot
  • Michael Church

    • The Children of the Souls: A Tragedy of the First World War by Jeanne MacKenzie
    • Voices from the Spanish Civil War: Personal Recollections of Scottish Volunteers in Republican Spain 1936-39 edited by Ian MacDougall, by Victor Kiernan
    • The Shallow Grave: A Memoir of the Spanish Civil War by Walter Gregory, edited by David Morris and Anthony Peters
    • Spanish Front: Writers on the Civil War edited by Valentine Cunningham
    • The Spanish Cockpit by Franz Borkenau
    • The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 by Paul Preston
    • Images of the Spanish Civil War by Raymond Carr
  • Virginia Surtees
    Browning’s Last Duchess

  • Danny Karlin comments on Edith Story’s story

  • Blake Morrison
    Poem: ‘Straw-Burning’

  • Martin Seymour-Smith

    • Robert Graves: The Assault Heroic 1895-1926 by Richard Perceval Graves
  • Patricia Craig

    • The Free Frenchman by Piers Paul Read
    • Dizzy’s Woman by George MacBeth
    • On Foreign Ground by Eduardo Quiroga
    • A New Shirt by Desmond Hogan
  • C.K. Stead

    • Innocence by Penelope Fitzgerald
    • The Dresden Gate by Michael Schmidt
    • First Fictions: Introduction 9 by Deborah Moffat, Kristien Hemmerechts, Douglas Glover, Dorothy Nimmo and Jaci Stephen
    • Continent by Jim Crace
  • P.N. Furbank

    • The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad. Vol. II: 1898-1902 edited by Frederick Karl and Laurence Davies
  • Paul Driver

    • The Beethoven Sketchbook: History, Reconstruction, Inventory by Douglas Johnson, Alan Tyson and Robert Winter, edited by Douglas Johnson
  • E.S. Turner

    • The Pebbled Shore by Elizabeth Longford
    • Leaves of the Tulip Tree by Juliette Huxley
    • Enid Bagnold by Anne Sebba
  • Karl Miller

  • Judith Shklar

    • The Body in Pain by Elaine Scarry
  • Nicholas Penny

    • Pictures and Punishment: Art and Criminal Prosecution during the Florentine Renaissance by Samuel Edgerton
    • Images of Man and Death by Philippe Ariès, translated by Janet Lloyd
    • Fingerprints of the Artists: European Terra-Cotta Sculpture from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections by Charles Avery and Alastair Laing