LRB Cover



  • John Bayley

    • Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman, translated by Robert Chandler
  • Letters
    Peter du Sautoy, Peter Todd Mitchell, Maria Eugenia Frutos, Roy MacGregor-Hastie

  • David Marquand

    • Years of Recovery: British Economic Policy 1945-51 by Alec Cairncross
    • The Politics of Recession by R.W. Johnson
    • The Labour Government 1974-79: Political Aims and Economic Reality by Martin Holmes
    • New Jerusalems: The Labour Party and the Economics of Democratic Socialism by Elizabeth Durbin and Roy Hattersley
  • Frank Kermode

    • Flame into Being: The Life and Work of D.H. Lawrence by Anthony Burgess
    • The Kingdom of the Wicked by Anthony Burgess
  • Dudley Young

    • The World of Lawrence: A Passionate Appreciation by Henry Miller
  • Denis Arnold

    • Interpreting Bach’s ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’: A Performer’s Discourse of Method by Ralph Kirkpatrick
    • Bach, Handel, Scarlatti: Tercentenary Essays edited by Peter Williams
    • Handel: The Man and his Music by Jonathan Keates
    • Sensibility and English Song: Critical Studies of the Early 20th Century: Vols I and II by Stephen Banfield
  • Donald Davie

    • Pound’s Artists: Ezra Pound and the Visual Arts in London, Paris and Italy by Richard Humphreys
    • Ezra Pound and Dorothy Shakespear: Their Letters 1909-1914 edited by Omar Pound and A. Walton Litz
  • Denis Donoghue

    • Shelley’s Style by William Keach
    • Ariel: A Shelley Romance by André Maurois and Ella D’Arcy
  • P.N. Furbank

    • Defoe and the Idea of Fiction: 1713-1719 by Geoffrey Sill
    • The Elusive Daniel Defoe by Laura Curtis
    • Dofoe’s Fiction by Ian Bell
    • Realism, Myth and History in Defoe’s Fiction by Maximillian Novak
  • Patricia Craig

    • But for Bunter by David Hughes
    • Bunter Sahib by Daniel Green
    • The Good Terrorist by Doris Lessing
    • Unexplained Laughter by Alice Thomas Ellis
    • Polaris and Other Stories by Fay Weldon
  • David Gilmour
    Sicilian Vespers

  • Rosalind Mitchison

    • Social Trends 15 edited by Deo Ramprakash
    • State of the World 1984: A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress toward a Sustainable Society by Lester Brown
    • The Facts of Everyday Life by Tony Osman
    • The State of the Nation: An Atlas of Britain in the Eighties by Stephen Fothergill and Jill Vincent, edited by Michael Kidron
    • British Social Attitudes: The 1985 Report edited by Roger Jowell and Sharon Witherspoon
  • Arthur Gavshon

    • The Disappeared: Voices from a Secret War by John Simpson and Jana Bennett
  • Edmund Leach

    • A Social History of Western Europe 1450-1720: Tensions and Solidarities among Rural People by Sheldon Watts
    • Kinship in the Past: An Anthropology of European Family Life 1500-1900 by Andrejs Plakans
    • Interests and Emotion: Essays on the Study of Family and Kinship edited by Hans Medick and David Warren Sabean
  • B.C. Leale
    Two Poems

  • John Ziman

    • Turing’s Man: Western Culture in the Computer Age by David Bolter and A.J. Ayer
  • Ian Hamilton

  • Jonathan Lear

    • Human Agency and Language. Philosophical Papers: Vol I by Charles Taylor
    • Philosophy and the Human Science. Philosophical Papers: Vol II by Charles Taylor