LRB Cover



  • Alan Bennett

    • Auden in Love by Dorothy Farnan
  • Letters
    A.J. Ayer, Vi Hughes, Earl Miner, Martin Dodsworth, E.E.Duncan-Jones, Patrick Parrinder, Lynn Knight

  • Jon Elster

    • The Thread of Life by Richard Wollheim
  • John Bayley

    • Mrs Henderson, and Other Stories by Francis Wyndham
  • Michael Mason

    • ‘Men’: A Documentary by Anna Ford
    • Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland, edited by Peter Sabor
  • Adrian Desmond

    • The Correspondence of Charles Darwin. Vol. I: 1821-1836 edited by Frederick Burkhardt and Sydney Smith
    • The Survival of Charles Darwin: A Biography of a Man and an Idea by Ronald Clark
  • Tom Paulin
    Four Poems

  • John Hedley Brooke

    • Just Before the Origin: Alfred Russel Wallace’s Theory of Evolution by John Langdon Brooks
    • China and Charles Darwin by James Reeve Pusey
  • Tam Dalyell

    • Death of a Rose-Grower: Who killed Hilda Murrell? by Graham Smith
  • Jon Halliday

    • The Korean War: History and Tactics edited by David Rees
    • Der Koreakrieg 1950 bis 1953: Das Scheitern der Amerikanischen Aggression gegen die KDVR by Olaf Groehler
    • The Rainy Spell, and Other Korean Stories translated by Suh Ji-moon
    • The Complete Book of MASH by Suzy Kalter
    • The Last Days of MASH by Alan Alda and Arlene Alda
  • Jonathan Steinberg

    • Cavour by Denis Mack Smith
    • Cavour and Garibaldi 1860: A Study in Political Conflict by Denis Mack Smith
  • Robert Cassen

    • Resources, Values and Development by Amartya Sen
  • Prue Shaw

    • Petrarch by Nicholas Mann
    • Petrarch: Poet and Humanist by Kenelm Foster
  • Donald Davie

    • Pound’s Cantos by Peter Makin
    • To Write Paradise: Style and Error in Pound’s Cantos by Christine Froula
    • Ezra Pound: Politics, Economics and Writing by Peter Nicholls
  • Philip Horne

    • The War of the End of the World by Mario Vargas Llosa, translated by Helen Lane
  • D.A.N. Jones

    • Secret Villages by Douglas Dunn
    • Miss Peabody’s Inheritance by Elizabeth Jolley
    • Mr Scobie’s Riddle by Elizabeth Jolley
    • The Modern Common Wind by Don Bloch
    • Fiskadoro by Denis Johnson
  • Lucy Anne Watt
    Two Poems

  • Patricia Craig

    • Secret Gardens by Humphrey Carpenter
    • Reading and Righting by Robert Leeson
    • Pipers at the Gates of Dawn by Jonathan Cott
  • A.J.P. Taylor

  • Mike Selvey

    • Gubby Allen: Man of Cricket by E.W. Swanton
    • Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack: 1985 edited by John Woodcock
  • Chauncey Loomis

    • The Norwegian with Scott: Tryggve Gran’s Antarctic Diary 1910-1913 edited by Geoffrey Hattersley-Smith, translated by Ellen Johanne McGhie