Westward Ho

Frank Kermode

  • The Letters of D.H. Lawrence. Vol. III: October 1916 - June 1921 edited by James Boulton and Andrew Robertson
    Cambridge, 762 pp, £25.00, November 1984, ISBN 0 521 23112 4
  • Brett: From Bloomsbury to New Mexico by Sean Hignett
    Hodder, 299 pp, £14.95, January 1985, ISBN 0 340 22973 X

This, the third of seven volumes in the Cambridge collection, contains 942 letters written by Lawrence in something under five years. Harry T. Moore’s Collected Letters of 1962 did the whole job in less than twice as many pages, though it’s true he didn’t print quite everything; and many more letters have turned up over the last twenty years. They are still turning up: this volume contains letters, formerly unknown, to Robert Mountsier, who later became Lawrence’s agent in the US, and a batch to Douglas Goldring.

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