LRB Cover



  • Michael Stewart
    The Miners’ Strike

  • Letters
    Mary Midgley, John May, Shaun Whiteside, David Simpson, Ernst Bammel, Jack Mitchell, Nicky Bird, Editor, ‘London Review of Books’

  • Barbara Everett

    • A Very Private Eye: An Autobiography in Letters and Diaries by Barbara Pym, edited by Hazel Holt and Hilary Pym
  • Michael Mason

    • The Bourgeois Experience. Victoria to Freud Vol. I: Education of the Senses by Peter Gay
    • Austin and Mabel: The Amherst Affair and Love Letters of Austin Dickinson and Mabel Loomis Todd by Polly Longsworth
    • The Memoirs of John Addington Symonds edited by Phyllis Grosskurth
  • John Bayley

    • The Diary of Virginia Woolf. Vol. V: 1936-1941 edited by Anne Olivier Bell and Andrew McNeillie
    • Deceived with Kindness: A Bloomsbury Childhood by Angelica Garnett
  • Alan Brien

    • Hype by Steven Aronson
    • Automatic Vaudeville by John Lahr
    • Broadway Babies: The People who made the American Musical by Ethan Mordden
  • R.W. Johnson

    • The Missing Dimension: Governments and Intelligence Communities in the 20th Century edited by Christopher Andrew and David Dilks
  • Tom Paulin
    Two Poems

  • Keith Kyle

    • Cyprus by Christopher Hitchens
    • The Cyprus Dispute and the Birth of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by Necati Ertekun
  • Fleur Adcock
    Poem: ‘The Keepsake’

  • Jonathan Barnes

    • Antigones by George Steiner
  • D.A.N. Jones

    • Hazlitt: The Mind of a Critic by David Bromwich
    • William Godwin: Philosopher, Novelist, Revolutionary by Peter Marshall
    • Burke, Paine, Godwin and the Revolution Controversy edited by Marilyn Butler
  • Clive James
    Poem: ‘Reflections on a Cardboard Box’

  • John Sutherland

    • Empire of the Sun by J.G. Ballard
    • Enterprise Red Star by Alexander Bogdanov, translated by Charles Rongle, edited by Loren Graham and Richard Stites
    • Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner
    • Conversations in Another Room by Gabriel Josipovici
    • An Affair on the Appian Way by Michael Levey
  • Tam Dalyell

  • Blake Morrison

    • Poems of Science edited by John Heath-Stubbs and Phillips Salman
    • The Kingfisher by Amy Clampitt
    • The Ice Factory by Philip Gross
    • Venus and the Rain by Medbh McGuckian
    • Saying hello at the station by Selima Hill
    • Dreaming Frankenstein and Collected Poems by Liz Lochhead
    • News for Babylon: The Chatto Book of West Indian-British Poetry edited by James Berry
    • Human Rites: Selected Poems 1970-1982 by E.A. Markham
    • Midsummer by Derek Walcott
  • C.L.R. James

    • Grenada: Revolution, Invasion and Aftermath by Hugh O’Shaughnessy
    • Grenada: Revolution and Invasion by Anthony Payne, Paul Sutton and Tony Thorndike