Robert Morley

  • Personal Mark by Alec McCowen
    Hamish Hamilton, 236 pp, £7.95, May 1984, ISBN 0 241 11263 X
  • Feeling you’re behind: An Autobiography by Peter Nichols
    Weidenfeld, 242 pp, £10.95, May 1984, ISBN 0 297 78392 0

Filming a few years back in Paris, we were visited on the set by a cardinal. Alec Guinness being absent, I took it upon myself to show him around and at the same time express my sorrow that he had missed so recent a convert to his faith. His Eminence allowed himself a rather wintry smile. ‘That,’ he observed, ‘is a conversion I understand we owe more to the cinema than the Church. He was very good as Father Brown.’

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