Dear Sphinx

Penelope Fitzgerald

  • The Little Ottleys by Ada Leverson and Sally Beauman
    Virago, 543 pp, £3.95, November 1982, ISBN 0 86068 300 1
  • The Constant Nymph by Margaret Kennedy and Anita Brookner
    Virago, 326 pp, £3.50, August 1983, ISBN 0 86068 354 0
  • The Constant Novelist: A Study of Margaret Kennedy 1896-1967 by Violet Powell
    Heinemann, 219 pp, £10.95, June 1983, ISBN 0 434 59951 4

Ada Leverson (1862-1933) said she had learned about human nature in the nursery. A little brother got her to help him make a carriage out of two chairs, but when he was taken out in a real carriage he was not in the least interested. Certainly she never under-estimated the human capacity for imagination or for disappointment.

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[*] LRB, Vol.4, No 14.