LRB Cover
Cover: Roman Vishniac



  • Christopher Ricks

    • Beyond the Pale: Sir Oswald Mosley 1933-1980 by Nicholas Mosley
    • Rules of the Game: Sir Oswald and Lady Cynthia Mosley 1896-1933 by Nicholas Mosley
  • Letters
    Geoffrey Pearson, E.M. Thornton, Michael Neve, Ian Jack

  • Blake Morrison
    Poem: ‘A Child in Winter’

  • Barbara Wootton

    • The Diary of Beatrice Webb. Vol. II: All the Good Things in Life edited by Norman MacKenzie and Jeanne MacKenzie
  • Jose Harris

    • John Maynard Keynes: Hopes Betrayed 1883-1920 by Robert Skidelsky
  • Paul Muldoon
    Two Poems

  • Mary-Kay Wilmers

    • Vita: The Life of V. Sackville-West by Victoria Glendinning
  • Peter Medawar

    • The Discovery of Insulin by Michael Bliss
  • Roy Harris

    • A Dictionary of Mottoes by L.G. Pine
    • Newspeak: A Dictionary of Jargon by Jonathon Green
    • The Oxford Miniguide to English Usage by E.S.C. Weiner
    • The Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English: Volume II by A.P. Cowrie, R. Mackin and I.R. McCaig
    • A Dictionary of the Teenage Revolution and its Aftermath by Kenneth Hudson
    • A Dictionary of Catch-Phrases by Eric Partridge
  • Graham Hough

    • Sebastian or Ruling Passions by Lawrence Durrell
    • Woman Beware Woman by Emma Tennant
    • Queen of Stones by Emma Tennant
    • Blue Rise by Rebecca Hill
    • Here to get my baby out of jail by Louise Shivers
  • Denis Donoghue

    • The Collected Letters of John Millington Synge. Vol. I: 1871-1907 edited by Ann Saddlemyer
  • Samuel Hynes

    • Roy Campbell: A Critical Biography by Peter Alexander
    • The Selected Poems of Roy Campbell edited by Peter Alexander
  • J.I.M. Stewart

    • Diversity and Depth in Fiction: Selected Critical Writings of Angus Wilson edited by Kerry McSweeny
  • Penelope Fitzgerald

    • The Little Ottleys by Ada Leverson and Sally Beauman
    • The Constant Nymph by Margaret Kennedy and Anita Brookner
    • The Constant Novelist: A Study of Margaret Kennedy 1896-1967 by Violet Powell
  • Michael Neve

    • Out of Order by Frank Johnson
    • Frank Johnson’s Election Year by Frank Johnson
    • Enthusiasms by Bernard Levin
    • Poem of the Year by Clive James
    • The Original Michael Frayn by Michael Frayn
  • Martin Kemp

    • Collected Essays: Vols I and II by Frances Yates
  • John Hedley Brooke

    • Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes: Further Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould
    • The Great Chain of History: William Buckland and the English School of Geology, 1814-1849 by Nicolaas Rupke
  • William Boyd

    • The Africans by David Lamb
    • African Princess by Princess Elizabeth of Toro
    • The Emperor: Downfall of an Autocrat by Ryszard Kapuściński, translated by William Brand and Katarzyna Mroczkowsa-Brand
  • A.J.P. Taylor

  • Philip Horne

    • The Life of Alfred Hitchcock: The Dark Side of Genius by Donald Spoto
    • Howard Hawks, Storyteller by Gerald Mast
  • E.S. Turner

    • Just William, More William, William Again, William the Fourth by Richmal Crompton and Thomas Henry