LRB Cover



  • D.A.N. Jones

    • Peter Hall’s Diaries: The Story of a Dramatic Battle edited by John Goodwin
  • Letters
    Christopher Lloyd, John Lucas, Craig Raine, David Feldman

  • Peter Medawar

    • Betrayers of the Truth: Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science by William Broad and Nicholas Wade
  • Peter Redgrove
    Poem: ‘The Offices in the Old Baths’

  • Frank Kermode

    • The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad. Vol. I: 1861-1897 edited by Frederick Karl and Laurence Davies
  • Neal Ascherson

    • The Story of the ‘Times’ by Oliver Woods and James Bishop
    • Good Times, Bad Times by Harold Evans
  • Michael Hofmann
    Two Poems

  • Alan Rusbridger
    Parkinson Lobby

  • Christopher Reid

    • The Oxford Book of Dreams by Stephen Brook
  • Stephen Bann

    • The Woman in Black by Susan Hill and John Lawrence
    • Legion by William Peter Blatty
    • The Lost Flying Boat by Alan Sillitoe
    • Snow, and Other Stories by Antony Lambton
    • New Islands, and Other Stories by Maria Luisa Bombal, translated by Richard Cunningham, Lucia Cunningham and Jorge Luis Borges
    • The Antarctica Cookbook by Crispin Kitto
    • Sole Survivor by Maurice Gee
  • Derek Walcott
    Poem: ‘Militia’

  • Hermione Lee

    • Bartleby in Manhattan, and Other Essays by Elizabeth Hardwick
  • J.B. Trapp

    • Thomas More: History and Providence by Alistair Fox
    • The Statesman and the Fanatic: Thomas Wolsey and Thomas More by Jasper Ridley
    • English Reformation Literature: The Tudor Origins of the Protestant Tradition by John King
    • Seven-Headed Luther: Essays in Commemoration of a Quincentenary, 1483-1983 edited by Peter Newman Brooks
    • The Complete Works of St Thomas More. Vol. VI: A Dialogue concerning Heresies. Part 1: The Text, Part 2: Introduction, Commentary, Appendices, Glossary, Index edited by T.M.C. Lawler, Germain Marc’hadour and Richard Marius
  • Stuart Airlie

    • Medieval Germany and its Neighbours 900-1250 by K.J. Leyser
    • The Frankish Kingdoms under the Carolingians 751-987 by Rosamond McKitterick
    • Ideal and Reality in Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Society: Studies presented to J.M. Wallace-Hadrill edited by Patrick Wormald, Donald Bullough and Roger Collins
  • Peter Godman

    • Andreas Capellanus on Love translated by P.G. Walsh
  • John Gillingham

    • The Anglo-Saxons edited by James Campbell
    • Anglo-Saxon Art: A New Perspective by C.R. Dodwell
    • Anglo-Saxon Poetry edited by S.A.J. Bradley
    • The Anglo-Saxon World edited by Kevin Crossley-Holland
    • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles: The Authentic Voices of England, from the Times of Julius Caesar to the Coronation of Henry II by Anne Savage
  • Tom Paulin

    • The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde by Peter Ackroyd
    • The Importance of Being Constance: A Biography of Oscar Wilde’s Wife by Joyce Bentley
    • Mrs Oscar Wilde: A Woman of Some Importance by Anne Clark Amor
  • A.J.P. Taylor

  • Robert M. Adams

    • The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Vol. VII: ‘Biographia Literaria’ edited by James Engell and Walter Jackson Bate
  • Mary Lefkowitz

    • Miasma by Robert Parker