LRB Cover
Cover: John Singer Sargent



  • Denis Donoghue

    • The Crane Bag Book of Irish Studies, 1977-1981 edited by M.P. Hederman and R. Kearney, with a preface by Seamus Heaney
    • A Colder Eye: The Modern Irish Writers by Hugh Kenner
  • Letters
    Carlos Franqui, Brian Bond, Richard H. Popkin, Paula Neuss, M.J. Fitzgerald

  • Seamus Deane

    • The Pleasures of Gaelic Poetry edited by Sean Mac Reamoinn
  • John Horgan

    • The Irish Labour Party in Transition 1957-82 by Michael Gallagher
  • Brigid Brophy

    • Michelangelo by Robert Liebert
    • The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse edited by Stephen Coote
  • J.Z. Young

    • The Myths of Human Evolution by Niles Eldredge and Ian Tattersall
  • Eric Hobsbawm

    • Europe Transformed 1878-1919 by Norman Stone
  • Hugo Williams
    Poem: ‘Aspects of My Case’

  • R.G. Opie

    • Britain can work by Ian Gilmour
    • The Use of Public Power by Andrew Shonfield, edited by Zuzanna Shonfield
  • David Twersky

    • The Longest War by Jacobo Timerman
  • John Torode

    • Back from the Brink: An Apocalyptic Experience by Michael Edwardes
  • Blair Worden

    • The Religion of Protestants: The Church in English Society 1559-1625 by Patrick Collinson
    • Reactions to the English Civil War 1642-1649 edited by John Morrill
    • The World of the Muggletonians by Christopher Hill, Barry Reay and William Lamont
    • The Life of John Milton by A.N. Wilson
    • Complete Prose Works of John Milton. Vol. 8: 1666-1682 edited by Maurice Kelley
    • The Poet’s Time: Politics and Religion in the Works of Andrew Marvell by Warren Chernaik
  • John Kerrigan

    • Elizabethan Popular Theatre: Plays in Performance by Michael Hattaway
    • Shakespeare the Director by Ann Pasternak Slater
  • Graham Bradshaw

    • The Taming of the Shrew edited by H.J. Oliver
    • Henry V edited by Gary Taylor
    • Troilus and Cressida edited by Kenneth Muir
    • Troilus and Cressida edited by Kenneth Palmer
  • Christopher Norris

    • Writing and the Body by Gabriel Josipovici
    • The Definition of Literature and Other Essays by W.W. Robson
  • Stephen Spender

  • Elaine Jordan

    • The Viaduct by David Wheldon
    • Rates of Exchange by Malcolm Bradbury
    • Milena by Maggie Ross
    • No Place on Earth by Christa Wolf, translated by Jan van Heurck
    • Look at me by Anita Brookner
    • Not Not While the Giro and Other Stories by James Kelman
  • Tim Souster

    • Beethoven and the Voice of God by Wilfrid Mellers