LRB Cover
Cover: Tom Miller



  • John Bayley

    • The Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry edited by Blake Morrison and Andrew Motion
    • The Rattle Bag edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes
  • Letters
    Pedro Perez Sarduy, Peter Widdowson, D.H. Sexton, Editor, ‘London Review of Books’, Harold Brooks, Jeffrey Meyers

  • Blake Morrison
    Poem: ‘The Grange Boy’

  • Tom Shippey

    • Invasion of the Space Invaders: An Addict’s Guide to Battle Tactics, Big Scores and the Best, Machines by Martin Amis
    • Dicing with Dragons: An Introduction to Role-Playing Games by Ian Livingstone
  • Penelope Gilliatt
    Chez Tati

  • Seamus Deane

    • Selected Poems by John Montague
    • Ghosts at my Back by Tom Rawling
    • A Late Harvest by John Ward
  • Hugo Williams
    Poem: ‘Some Girls by Hugo Williams’

  • Stephen Bann

    • Queen of Stones by Emma Tennant
    • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by William Kotzwinkle, based on a screenplay by Melissa Mathison
    • Tales of Afghanistan by Amina Shah
    • The Masque of St Eadmundsburg by Humphrey Morrison
    • A Villa in France by J.I.M. Stewart
    • Collected Stories: Vol. III by Sean O’Faolain
    • Work Suspended and Other Stories by Evelyn Waugh
  • Michael Ignatieff

    • Trade Unions in British Politics edited by Ben Pimlott
    • Trade Unions: The Logic of Collective Action by Colin Crouch
    • Work and Politics: The Division of Labour in Industry by Charles Sabel
    • Strikes and the Government, 1893-1981 by Eric Wigham
    • Governments and Trade Unions: The British Experience, 1964-1979 by Dennis Barnes
    • The Assembly Line by Robert Linhart, translated by Margaret Crosland
  • A.W.F. Edwards

    • The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould
  • D.A.N. Jones

    • On Going to Bed by Anthony Burgess
    • The End of the World News by Anthony Burgess
    • This Man and Music by Anthony Burgess
  • Hans Keller

    • Stravinsky: Selected Correspondence, Vol. I edited by Robert Craft
    • Igor Stravinsky: The Rake’s Progress by Paul Griffiths, Igor Stravinsky, Robert Craft and Gabriel Josipovici
  • Philip Booth

    • Stravinsky Seen and Heard by Hans Keller and Milein Cosman
    • Nadia Boulanger: A Life in Music by Léonie Rosenstiel
  • Nicholas Spice

    • Richard Strauss: A Chronicle of the Early Years 1864-1898 by Willi Schuh, translated by Mary Whitall
  • Misha Donat

    • Carl Maria von Weber: Writings on Music edited by John Warrack, translated by Martin Cooper
  • Patrick Carnegy

    • Fair Ophelia: A Life of Harriet Smithson Berlioz by Peter Raby
    • Mazeppa: The Lives, Loves and Legends of Adah Isaacs Menken by Wolf Mankowitz
  • A.J.P. Taylor

  • Penelope Fitzgerald

    • Letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner edited by William Maxwell
    • The Portrait of a Tortoise by Gilbert White and Sylvia Townsend Warner
    • Sylvia Townsend Warner: Collected Poems edited by Claire Harman
    • Scenes of Childhood and Other Stories by Sylvia Townsend Warner
  • John Dunn

    • The Myth of the Nation and the Vision of Revolution by J.L. Talmon
  • Martin Elliott
    Having taken off my wheels