Conventional Defence

Robert Neild

  • A Policy for Peace by Field-Marshal Lord Carver
    Faber, 123 pp, £5.95, September 1982, ISBN 0 571 11969 7
  • The Third World War: The Untold Story by General Sir John Hackett
    Sidgwick, 256 pp, £9.95, June 1982, ISBN 0 283 98449 X
  • Six Armies in Normandy by John Keegan
    Cape, 395 pp, £8.95, April 1982, ISBN 0 224 01541 9

It is hard these days to open the newspapers without seeing a reference to the notion that Nato should improve its conventional defences. One day General Rogers, the Supreme Commander of Nato, is saying it, the next day it is Mary Kaldor, an advocate of unilateral nuclear disarmament, par excellence a ‘peacenik’. Strange bedfellows. Why this convergence on conventional defence? And where is it likely to lead us?

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