LRB Cover
Cover: Rory McEwen



  • Neal Ascherson

    • Authors take sides on the Falklands edited by Cecil Woolf and Jean Moorcroft Wilson
    • The Falklands War: The Full Story by the Sunday Times ‘Insight’ Team
    • The Winter War: The Falklands by Patrick Bishop and John Witherow
    • Iron Britannia: Why Parliament waged its Falklands war by Anthony Barnett
    • Falklands/Malvinas: Whose Crisis? by Martin Honeywell
    • Los Chicos de la Guerra by Daniel Kon
    • A Message from the Falklands: The Life and Gallant Death of David Tinker, Lieut RN compiled by Hugh Tinker
  • Letters
    A.D. Harvey, Peter Redgrove, Harold Jenkins, Stephen Heath, Brigid Brophy, John Corner, Colin Haycraft

  • Andrew Motion
    Two Poems

  • Dan Jacobson

    • White Mischief by James Fox
    • Earth to Earth by John Cornwell
  • Michael Neve

    • Edie: An American Biography by Jean Stein and George Plimpton
    • Baby Driver: A Story About Myself by Jan Kerouac
  • Claude Rawson

    • God’s Grace by Bernard Malamud
  • Robert Neild

    • A Policy for Peace by Field-Marshal Lord Carver
    • The Third World War: The Untold Story by General Sir John Hackett
    • Six Armies in Normandy by John Keegan
  • Barry Supple

    • The 1982 Budget edited by John Kay
    • Money and Inflation by Frank Hahn
    • Public Enterprise in Crisis: The Future of the Nationalised Industries by John Redwood
    • Controlling Public Industries by John Redwood and John Hatch
  • Peter Campbell

    • Of This Our Time by Tom Hopkinson
  • Marilyn Butler

    • The Trouble of an Index: Byron’s Letters and Journals, Vol. XII edited by Leslie Marchand
    • Lord Byron: Selected Letters and Journals edited by Leslie Marchand
    • Byron by Frederic Raphael
    • Byron’s Political and Cultural Influence in 19th-Century Europe: A Symposium edited by Paul Graham Trueblood
    • Byron and Joyce through Homer by Hermione de Almeida
    • Byron: A Poet Before His Public by Philip Martin
  • Gavin Ewart
    Poem: ‘The Mischievous Boy’

  • P.N. Furbank

    • The English World: History, Character and People edited by Robert Blake
    • The English Gentleman: The Rise and Fall of an Ideal by Philip Mason
  • C.H. Sisson

    • Stranger and Brother: A Portrait of C.P. Snow by Philip Snow
  • A.D. Nuttall

    • A Rhetoric of the Unreal: Studies in Narrative and Structure, especially of the Fantastic by Christine Brooke-Rose
  • John Sutherland

    • Wise Virgin by A.N. Wilson
    • The London Embassy by Paul Theroux
    • The frog who dared to croak by Richard Sennett
    • Vintage Stuff by Tom Sharpe
    • Rogue Justice by Geoffrey Household
  • G. Cabrera Infante

    • Legacies: Selected Poems by Heberto Padilla, translated by Alastair Reid and Andrew Hurley
  • A.J.P. Taylor

  • John Brown

    • Shadow Man: The Life of Dashiell Hammett by Richard Layman