Taken for a ride

Patrick Hare

After a while we saw the addition
Our travelling made to the glass of shops.
As the shadow of a train goes cheering

Itself across the countryside
In mockery of continuity,
We rode like facetious conquerors

Along the excited front of ourselves.
Startling mannequins, robbing banks.
We galloped at a Faustian pace.

Competitors in our dare-devil seats
We dwarfed the mirrored monuments,
Careered through churches. The houses folded

To huts and hedges. We were the losers,
Having overshot ourselves
Beyond our mischievous reflection.

Cars in the distant parallel
Confounded us, racing back
Through fields to elude the hunting dark.

The sky was scribbled with the routes
Of dragons winking to extinction
From disappointed journeys. It contained

Nothing of our ride or of our ending.