LRB Cover



  • Noël Annan

    • Blind Eye to Murder by Tom Bower
    • The Road to Nuremberg by Bradley Smith
  • Letters
    Michael Dummett, I.M. Lewis, Jeremy Stiles, Patrick Cross, Ronald Fraser, Editor, ‘London Review of Books’, Brian Carstairs

  • Clive James

    • L’opera in versi by Eugenio Montale, edited by Rosanna Bettarini and Gianfranco Contini
    • Xenia and Motets by Eugenio Montale, translated by Kate Hughes
    • The Man I Pretend to Be: The Colloquies and Selected Poems of Guido Gozzano edited by Michael Palma
  • Jonathan Wordsworth
    Wordsworth in Love

  • V.G. Kiernan

    • Joan of Arc: The Image of Female Heroism by Marina Warner
  • Barbara Wootton

    • Women in Top Jobs by Michael Fogarty, Isobel Allen and Patrick Walters
  • Alan Bennett

    • Forms of Talk by Erving Goffman
  • Roy Harris

    • Language and Linguistics: An Introduction by John Lyons
  • W.D. Hart

    • Philosophical Subjects: Essays Presented to P.F. Strawson edited by Zak van Straaten
  • A.J. Ayer

    • Hume and the Problem of Causation by Tom Beauchamp and Alexander Rosenberg
    • The Science of Legislator: The Natural Jurisprudence of David Hume and Adam Smith by Knud Haakonssen
  • John Sutherland

    • Life Stories by A.L. Barker
    • Many Men and Talking Wives by Helen Muir
    • Good Behaviour by Molly Keane
    • A Separate Development by Christopher Hope
    • From Little Acorns by Howard Buten
    • Fortnight’s Anger by Roger Scruton
  • Ian Hamilton

    • Beyond the Pale by William Trevor
    • The Black House by Patricia Highsmith
    • Lantern Lecture by Adam Mars-Jones
  • Richard Murphy
    Poem: ‘Amazement’

  • P.N. Furbank

    • Ford Madox Ford: Prose and Politics by Robert Green
  • C.K. Stead

    • Flaws in the Glass: A Self-Portrait by Patrick White
  • Douglas Johnson

    • Simone de Beauvoir and the Limits of Commitment by Anne Whitmarsh
    • Un Fils Rebelle by Olivier Todd
    • The Intellectual Resistance in Europe by James Wilkinson
  • Alan Hollinghurst

    • Remembering Britten edited by Alan Blyth
    • Britten and Auden in the Thirties: The Year 1936 by Donald Mitchell
  • Hans Keller

    • The Proms and Natural Justice: A Plan for Renewal by Robert Simpson
    • The Proms and the Men Who Made Them by Barrie Hall
    • The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven by Antony Hopkins