Views of Marx

G.A. Cohen

  • Marxism and Class Theory: A Bourgeois Critique by Frank Parkin
    Tavistock, 217 pp, £6.95, October 1979, ISBN 0 422 76790 5
  • Karl Marx edited by Tom Bottomore
    Blackwell, 194 pp, £9.95, September 1979, ISBN 0 631 10961 7

Frank Parkin calls his challenging book ‘bourgeois’, but it is possible to be more bourgeois about class than Parkin is. Much bourgeois sociology denies the existence of distinct classes: it sees only gentle gradations of income, status and power. Parkin’s classes are as real as those of any Marxist. He thinks there is an exploiting bourgeoisie and an exploited proletariat. He also thinks that classes are agents. They act, collectively. They make history.

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